Ryan Cochrane

Canadian Swimmer: Two-Time Olympic Medalist

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The Bennett Cup this weekend was a great way for us all to show our appreciation for our late coach Randy. Yes, there were some 12 hour days spent at the pool that left us a bit exhausted, but what better way to show our appreciation for the big guy. A huge thank you to Island Swimming and all of the volunteers who tirelessly made the event such a huge success. (I now have a much bigger appreciation for the hours my parents put in every weekend at swim meets when I was growing up).

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It's been over two months since we started the season and the training has been.... difficult to say the least. It's pretty exciting that our entire group here in Victoria has been able to push themselves beyond what they've ever done before. We've added more dryland, longer time in the pool, and more high-intensity training; all that and it's only November. This can only mean good things! #RoadtoRio